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Below is a list of music Styles/Genres with links to the top Bands or Musicians with links to videos and downloads for their hit music.

Hit Music lists the Top 20 bands and artists from 1960 to the present day and also the best selling albums. The hit links takes you to YouTube where you can listen to each individual song. The iTunes links takes you to the artist/bands page where you can preview or download songs and albums.

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Music Genres

Boy Bands Country Singers Female Singers 70s - 90s Female Singers 2000s
Girl Groups Glam Rock Heavy Rock Bands Hip Hop and Rap
Male Rock Singers 70s - 90s      
      2010s Pop Groups
2000s Pop Groups 90s Pop Groups 80s Pop Groups 80s Rock Bands
70s Pop Groups 70s Rock Bands 60s Pop Groups 60s Rock Bands

Best Selling Albums

Top 50 Best Selling Albums - The top 50 Best Selling Albums of all time

Top 10 Best Selling Albums Of 2014 - The top 10 Best Selling Albums of 2014 in the UK

Top 20 Best Selling Albums Of The 2000s - The top 20 Best Selling Albums of the 2000s